UNO Magnetic is an interactive jewelry

UNO Magnetic is an interactive jewelry

What began as a passion for upcycling, has now emerged into an innovative, one-of-a-kind jewelry company called UNO Magnetic. This eco-friendly business has created a new way to wear jewelry that’s both fashionable and fun.

The pieces at UNO Magnetic allow you to create different looks each time you wear them – with just the simple thought of changing their design. It all starts with a series of adhesive magnetic strips and buttons featuring colorful and detailed designs. Each piece is interchangeable and created from recycled plastic.

The amazing thing about wearing UNO Magnetic jewelry is that it allows you to personalize your piece without having to reset it each time or worry about losing any gems or stones. The additional accessory pieces can be continuously reorganized so that no two pieces of jewelry look alike. Plus, the magnetic technology is so strong, it holds accessories together securely without the use of clasps or pins.

So, if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, consider giving UNO Magnetic jewelry a try. Its unique technology adds an interactive element to jewelry that hasn’t been seen before. You can easily move forward or backward in time with each twist of your wrist, as you show off your personalized accessory piece.

With the advent of digital technology, fashion and gadgets have become increasingly intertwined. Introducing UNO Magnetic – an interactive jewelry line – modern fashionistas can now wear their jewelry and interact with it as well.

UNO Magnetic pairs fashion with the latest tech trends to offer the wearer an array of choices. With just one piece of jewelry, they can customize and update their look while expressing their individuality.

The jewelry involves a magnetic clasp system that allows you to attach different charms and pendants to it. There are more than 500 charms available including classic symbols and words, birthstones, hearts, stars and flowers – all in silver-plated or rose gold plating. The wearer has the opportunity to create their own jewel or explore pre-made selections from leading designers around the world. Plus, the signature UNO Magnetic pieces offer a pop of colorful bling for special occasions.

What is particularly special about UNO Magnetic is that all pieces are water-resistant so there is no worry about tarnishing or rusting with regular wear. Plus, there is no need for specialized tools or extra equipment to put together your design. Instead, UNO’s patented ‘lift and lock’ technology allows you to quickly and easily assemble your masterpiece by simply lifting the individual components into place with a single hand. The result is an on-trend look reminiscent of classic yet modern pieces that will stay fresh through any season.

Whether you are looking for a unique gift for someone special or want a versatile piece of jewelry to mix and match with other items in your existing wardrobe, UNO Magnetic jewelry line is sure to fit your needs. If tech meets fashion is your mantra, this revolutionary interactive jewelry brand should be at the top of your list!