Who We Are:

UNO Magnetic Jewelry lets you bring your creativity to life! It is playful trend-right jewelry that unifies and energizes everything it touches. Our patented jewelry system, centered around our custom magnetic clasp, allows all UNO jewelry pieces to be interchangeable, creating personalized and unique looks such as necklaces, bracelets, chokers, belts, head bands and anklets. The possibilities are infinite and are only limited by your imagination. Each UNO jewelry piece is designed to signify the company’s three core values and inspire the wearer to attract what they want, connect to their energy and express who they are. All UNO products are globally sourced and locally made at our offices in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami Florida.

The Uno Core Values:

About Uno: Attract

Attract What You Want.

UNO believes that everything comes together as one beginning with the Power of Attraction. The power from UNO’s magnetic forces allows you to focus on your desires. What do you want to attract?

Connect to Your Energy.

UNO believes that everything is connected. When the magnetic forces come together, they create a spark which ignites the energy you want to give off. What energy do you want to exude?

About Uno: Connect
About Uno: Express

Express Who You Are.

UNO believes that creative exploration is key. This interactive jewelry system allows you to create multiple different looks to express YOU today, tomorrow and always. What makes you unique?


Lele Pons- Brand Ambassador:

lele pons 1
lele pons 2
lele pons 3

Ever since Lele Pons was a little girl, she always loved working closely with her dad, Luis Pons, on creating UNO Magnetic Jewelry. Whether Lele was keeping her dad in the loop on the latest trends, coming up with new creative ways to wear UNO or making sure that her favorite color turquoise was incorporated into the designs, Lele’s involvement is always a crucial part of developing the brand. Lele loves to wear her UNO classic chain as a wrap bracelet around her wrist and you can see her wearing UNO in many of her Instagram post and YouTube videos. She is the official brand ambassador for UNO and proudly wears UNO everywhere she goes.