Your Spring Style Checklist

by Stacy Veloric March 31, 2017

Your Spring Style Checklist

When the sun starts shining and the flowers begin blooming, you know it is the start of spring!  With warm weather and bright days ahead, it is finally time to come out of your winter hibernation.  But first you must ask yourself one question… is my spring wardrobe complete?  If you’re not sure you’re ready, don’t worry, because we’ve created a spring style checklist to make sure you are all set!    

Say Yes to Bright Colors! 

One of the first things that comes to mind when we hear the word spring is bright colors.  It is time to put our winter darks away and make sure we have our bright spring UNO Magnetic jewelry ready for action. Make any outfit spring approved with the UNO Spring Fling Chain Pack. This UNO Magnetic chain pack consists of our favorite colors for spring… Aqua, Honeysuckle and Emerald. Create chokers, bracelets, necklaces, headbands and more and you will have spring looks galore! 

Flowers Are Everywhere!  

Is it just us or have you been seeing flower designs everywhere you go… embroidered on jackets, stitched onto jeans and even patched onto t-shirts.  Everywhere you look flowers are being worn from head to toe.  Follow the trend with the UNO Daisy Charm and the UNO Flower Charm. These magnetic charms are a spring must have!  

Pins on Jackets are Very In!

Jacket embellishment is very hot right now so jazz up your favorite spring coat with some fun and colorful UNO Magnetic Pins. The best thing about the UNO Pin is that it is magnetic so you don’t even have to worry about damaging any of your clothing.  Add one to each collar and a few on the pocket and voila, you are ready for spring!

If you follow these three style guidelines we can guarantee you that you will be all set for spring. Remember to say yes to bright colors, flowers and jacket embellishment. If you use the code “SpringBlogPost” at checkout you will receive 40% off your entire order! That’s our BEST OFFER yet.  (Offer ends 4/3/17) Happy Spring!

Stacy Veloric
Stacy Veloric