UNO Takes on The Choker Trend

by Uno Magnetic November 22, 2016

UNO Takes on The Choker Trend

Chokers have made a comeback in a big way. Celebs like Rihanna, Kendal Jenner, Sophia Richie, and Gigi Hadid have all been spotted sporting this trend. We’re also seeing some creative takes on this 90’s throwback – one internet hero even turned a shoe lace into a choker.

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But UNO beats a shoelace any day! Here are 3 reasons why UNO is your must-have choker this season.

It’s Adjustable

It might be CALLED a choker, but you don’t want it to actually, you know, choke you. With UNO you can simply wrap the chain comfortable around your next and use the magnetic clasps to secure it as tightly or as loosely as you’d like.

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It’s Customizable


Not only does the UNO chain come in 24 colors, the magnetic clasp allows you create different looks depending on your mood. Keep the layers close for a more traditional look, leave it loose, or let one layer hang lower than the rest. Better yet, add a charm (or two!) to accent your outfit.

It’s Not JUST a Choker

Trends come and go, but UNO is forever! The beauty of the UNO Magnetic Chain is that YOU define how you wear it. When the day comes – and it will – that chokers are no longer in vogue, simply wear your UNO chain as a longer necklace, a bracelet, a head chain, an anklet, or any other way you can imagine!

So before you start unlacing those Nikes, check out all of our UNO chains. Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration and as always, celebrate individuality #TogetherAsUNO.

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