So What About The Guys?

by Uno Magnetic July 18, 2016

A characteristic UNO Magnetic Jewelry firmly believes in is inclusiveness—in the idea that every individual has the right to freely express their inner self. This is why our custom magnetic jewelry system has been created in such a way that encourages everyone to explore their styles and come #TogetherAsUno! That being said, some guys aren’t so used to wearing jewelry, much less creating their own unique look. So this one’s for you, dudes!


              • The Everyday Look: Wear your UNO classic chain as a wrap bracelet around your wrist. This simple look is perfect for every occasion.


              • The Going Out Look: Wear your UNO classic chain as double wrap necklace around your neck. This is the perfect addition to accessorize any outfit.


              • The Workout Look: Wear your UNO classic chain as a long necklace around your neck. Hook the 2 clasps together and let the long chain hang to show off your gains.


              • The Man Bun: Wear your UNO classic chain as a hairband. Add some jazz to your man bun by spicing it up with a little color and bling.

The ability to convey whichever mood you’re feeling should never be stifled, so we’ve created jewelry to foster free spirits. Feeling strong and steadfast? Connect with the UNO Feel the Power Chain Pack. Getting in touch with a more tranquil disposition? Wear the UNO White Classic Chain. Whatever you’re feeling, you can count on UNO to bring it to life.

 UNO Magnetic is all about celebrating each person’s individuality. This shows in the way we’ve developed our jewelry system, which allows you to customize a look that’s uniquely you. But we’re also about nurturing a culture of togetherness—so no matter who you are, or what gender you identify with, wearing UNO always makes you look good and (most importantly) feel good. Live life, #TogetherAsUNO.


Uno Magnetic
Uno Magnetic