NYFW Trends

by Stacy Veloric February 16, 2017

NYFW Trends

It’s that time of the year again when editors, bloggers, stylists and fashion industry professionals flock to New York City to check out the latest fashion trends for Fall 2017.  During New York Fashion Week, top fashion designers from around the world host runway shows where models walk the catwalk dressed head to toe in the hottest trends for next season.  Most people just dream about being able to rock these expensive designer trends from NYFW, but since UNO is so versatile, you can create any of these catwalk looks with a few UNO Accessories at a price point that will make you and your wallet smile!


Belts are being paired with all types of apparel this year. They are being worn around the waist of a dress, around the hips of a low rise pant and even around the bare midriff.  No matter which way you decide to wear your belt, you can create any style with just one UNO Magnetic Chain.


Everyone is spicing up their favorite jacket, blazer and blouses by adding a touch of fun with pins. The UNO Pin is the perfect way to accessorize any outfit because it is magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging any of your clothing. With 10 fun and bright colors, you can always be sure that every outfit you wear is on trend!

Medallion Necklaces

With just one UNO Magnetic Chain Necklace and one UNO Stone Charm you can create the perfect medallion necklace. With so many different chain colors and types of stones to select from, you are sure to find the perfect medallion necklace that matches your style. You can switch back and forth from a choker to a long necklace to a double wrapped necklace to a lariat helping you create the perfect design for every outfit. 

Hand Chains

So many models this year were seen sporting a hand chain walking down the runway.  And who can blame them? Why just accessorize your wrist when you can add style to your entire hand? You can create a hand chain with just one UNO Magnetic Jewelry Chain by wrapping the chain around your fingers and wrist. Add an UNO Magnetic Charm to put your own unique touch to your design,  

UNO Magnetic jewelry & accessories make it easy to rock the latest fashion trends from NYFW. With just a few different color chains, an assortment of charms and a couple pins, you can keep creating all the different types of jewelry designs that you want!

Stacy Veloric
Stacy Veloric