New Year’s Resolutions – UNO Style!

by Uno Magnetic December 29, 2016

New Year, new styles,
new mindset, new YOU!

The start of 2017 brings with it a world of new possibilities. There is no better time to start making a positive change in your life than at the turn of a new year. Jumpstart your 2017 with a few New Year’s resolutions that are attainable and beneficial for yourself and set goals to keep yourself on track! Not all resolutions need to be strict, have some fun with your resolutions, and really reshape yourself to be the best version of you possible! Need some resolution tips? Here are some things we want to do come 2017!

Be Bold:

Don’t be afraid to step out of your style comfort zone! Switching up your style, even just a little, can be the first step in making any kind of change in your life (and small changes count too!). When it comes to style, be bold. Wear anything that makes you feel good and try out new trendy styles that you may have been afraid to wear in the past! Go bold with UNO by creating unexpected color combinations or wearing the chains in a new, creative way.

Try New Colors:

We all tend to be creatures of habit, sticking to the same color palette every time we buy something new. Breaking this habit can be hard, but also very exciting! Playing alongside our resolution to be style bold is adding new colors to your wardrobe! There are always so many different color trends coming out season by season and tapping into these trends may not be such a bad idea! For any color trend you choose to try out, there is an UNO chain to match. Some of our exciting and bold colored Classic UNO Chains include turquoise, mustard yellow, lime, lagoon, red, burnt orange, pink, and purple! Let these UNO chains be your first step in your new colorful dress code.

Aim for Success:

Try your best to do your best. Push yourself to work hard to achieve what you never thought possible. Whether it be in school, at work, or a hobby you’re passionate about, excel in what you love, and find yourself on a sure path to success. And while you’re working for success, dress for it to with the UNO Dressed for Success Chain Pack. Wearing these three chains will help you realize your inner strength, maintain a healthy balance, and celebrate the success in every small victory. Any step in the right direction is an improvement from where you started, always remember to be proud of yourself for all you’ve accomplished!


If there is one New Year’s resolution that everyone could benefit from, it’s the act of remaining positive and spreading positivity to those around you. All of us fall on tough times occasionally, but remaining positive is the best way to cope with all things that life throws at you. Maintaining a glass-half-full outlook will make you a happier and healthier person, and in turn make all those around you happier and healthier too. To help shine more positivity in your life, the UNO Live to Love Chain Pack helps attract unconditional love, connect with the energy around you, and express stability. Wear UNO and remain positive for 2017. Live positively, love generously, and celebrate the silver linings #TogetherAsUNO.

Uno Magnetic
Uno Magnetic