How to Wear UNO at a Festival

by Uno Magnetic August 02, 2016

Refuse To Blend In: Dare To Stand Out

There’s really nothing like the vibe at a festival. Connecting with nature while engaging with the crowd around you: it’s a beautiful thing. And that’s exactly what we’re about here at UNO—bringing all forces of nature together. We believe in the power of togetherness, and what better place to connect than at a festival?

We’ve said it before: freedom of expression is something we eagerly encourage and support. And this is exactly what you get at a festival, with so many different people who have distinct fashion tastes. Festival style is a unique expression of your innermost creative self. Whether you’re donning a handmade flower crown or a black concho hat, UNO Magnetic can be paired with all looks to add some flare to your festival picks!

Wear your UNO as a headband to add to that flower crown, or a choker to accent your fringed outfit. Wrap four or five chains up your ankles and wrists to create that signature boho look. Even wear it as body chain by wrapping it around your torso—this one would look great with a crop top!

Don’t forget, each color allows you to attract what you want, connect to the energy of your choice, and express what you’re feeling. So choose the UNO color that’s speaking to you in the moment. The possibilities are infinite.

Wear your UNO proudly; use it to stand out from those festival crowds while still showing love to everyone you meet. Feel good, be good, and live life #TogetherAsUNO.

Uno Magnetic
Uno Magnetic