Fidget Fashion

by Courtney Weiss July 14, 2017

Fidget Spinners, Cubes, and other gadgets are having a *moment* right now, and with good reason. Who can resist spinning, clicking, flipping, or rolling one of these gizmos? But sometimes they are just not practical – or appropriate.

Fidget On Fleek

When you don’t want to clutter up your purse with a fidget spinner or draw attention to yourself, but have to have your fidget fix, just accessorize with UNO! Our magnetic jewelry is perfect for fiddling with – no fad gadgets required. Here are a few of our favorite ways to play!

Unclasp It

Uno Magnetic Jewelry Clasp Fidget
It’s almost impossible NOT to fidget with the clasp on the UNO Magnetic chain. Opening the magnetic clasp and watching it close again is surprisingly calming, and addictive!

Wrap It

Wrap UNO Magnetic Chain Jewelry
No matter how you choose to wear your UNO Magnetic chains, unwrapping and rewrapping them is hypnotizing. Pro tip: the bracelet and hand chain styles are easiest to unwrap and rewrap if you’re trying to stay low key.

Slide It

UNO Magnetic Jewelry Sliding GIF
Charms and Pins take both your look and your fidgeting to the next level! Slide the charm or pin back and forth across the chain and feel yourself instantly relax.

Style It

Styling UNO Magnetic Jewelry
The ultimate UNO fidget hack? Keep trying new styles! Effortlessly go from bracelet, to hand chain, to choker, to necklace, to head chain, & more. The UNO Magnetic jewelry system is designed to help you play with your style!
With so many ways to fidget with UNO Magnetic jewelry, why settle for a simple spinner?

Courtney Weiss
Courtney Weiss