Celebrate Father's Day With Lele and Luis Pons

by Stacy Veloric June 20, 2017

Q&A With Luis Pons

In honor of Father's Day, the founder of UNO, Luis Pons, sat down with us to answer a few question about what is is like to be of the largest social media stars dad.  And oh, boy is he so proud of his daughter Lele Pons! 

What is your favorite memory of Lele growing up?

Since the day Lele was born, she carried with her this vital and vibrant energy that lights up with her presence each day.

How do you and Lele celebrate Father’s Day?

I am lucky to have a daughter who made me the best man I can possibly be, we celebrate our bond every day!

What is your favorite Father’s Day gift Lele ever gave you?

Sharing her life with me!

What is your favorite memory with Lele working together on UNO?

Lele dancing around with tons of UNO Chains hanging around her neck when she was 8 years old.

What would be your perfect day be spent with Lele?

Just being together and watching people and learning about human behavior.

Lele and Luis wanted to share some exclusive photos you can only find HERE of the two of them working together on UNO Magnetic Jewelry.  Scroll down to check them out!  Happy Father's Day! 

Stacy Veloric
Stacy Veloric