UNO Magnetic


UNO Magnetic is interactive jewelry that inspires you to express yourself.

What makes UNO Magnetic unique is a specially designed magnetic charm that you can wear with any UNO metal chain in a variety of ways – from a necklace to a bracelet or anklet and even as a beautiful ring or earring.

Your magnetic charm is a representation of your energy. When you combine your charm with any UNO metal chain, the power of attraction begins to unfold – expressing your intentions and desires.

You can select from an array of magnetic charms to express love, friendship, courage or whatever you want to communicate. With over 250 charms, UNO helps you convey your own personal style and wishes.

And as UNO fans know, we continually release new charms and we listen to your requests when designing new collections. Send your ideas to




Founded by award-winning architect and interior designer Luis Pons in 2011, UNO Magnetic produces original, wearable and interactive magnetic objects in the form of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings) and accessories (belts, buckles and charms) for both men and women.

Inspired by one of Pons’ first architectural projects in Miami: the Metal Rain Lamp, UNO Magnetic was created to make the world of high design accessible to as many people as possible so everyone can share in its inspiration and use it as a tool to change the world.


Socially Responsible Products

UNO, which strives to engage in the creation of socially responsible products, currently distributes its products in Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and the United States. UNO is a member of the Fair Labor Association and it works to ensure all levels of manufacturing are free from abusive labor practices and pays all workers living wages. All charms are hand assembled in our Miami Wynwood Warehouse.  In addition, UNO has partnered with important non-profit organizations, including Breast Health International in Italy and MTV’s Ashoka Partnership in the United States.


Luis Pons


Luis Pons - Designer of Uno Magnetic Interactive Products

Designer and Founder of UNO Magnetic and Luis Pons Design Lab, Miami FL

Luis Pons is an award-winning designer whose work has been featured in world-leading publications including Vogue, Elle Décor, and Architectural Digest. His furniture and lighting collections were shown at the International Furniture Fair in Milan in 2005, his Floating Inflatable Villa was shown at Art Basel also in 2005, and most recently his Pre-Fab Chapel was shown in Art Basel 2011. Luis Pons Design Lab’s projects include private residences, hotels, and commercial properties.

“I am interested in design that really speaks to people who want to engage in a conversation with it, design whose ultimate purpose is revealed by the user, design that allows for the possibility of change, design that touches the senses.” - Luis Pons

Luis Pons Design Lab is a conceptual design laboratory that operates from the assumption that experience is mutable. Everything is not just open to interpretation, everything is open to reinterpretation, and that doorway never closes. Founder Luis Pons expresses a delight in the potential of materials, spaces, and places to be more than simply inanimate recipients of admiration – he wants them to be touched and played with, fully experienced – he wants people to be fully engaged in their surroundings. As a result his architecture, interiors, installations, and furnishings have a dynamic energy that is unique. Inanimate objects come to life, acting as catalysts that invite people to discover more about themselves and their environment.

Rejecting the separation between buildings and their interiors, Luis Pons Design Lab designs from the inside out, thinking always in terms of systems. New systems emerge by taking objects out of their context and reintroducing them in surprising ways with a sense of humor, magic, and surprise. Form and function are mutated to reveal new meanings and interpretations of objects. In Luis Pons’ designs it is not just that things are not what they seem, sometimes, they are not even what they are.

From innocent exuberance to serenely understated sophistication, the thread in Pons’ work is respect for the integrity of materials as well as respect for location and the personality of the people who will live and play in the environments he creates.


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